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Cassidy Hutchinson Supported by Fellow Staffers

  • Hutchinson, a White House Aide, testified before the January 6th Committee.

  • Trump attacked her online as a “total phony.” 


  • Staffers defended Hutchinson’s knowledge of White House operations.

After a White House aide received pushback for testifying before the January 6th Committee, fellow staffers came to her defense.


Cassidy Hutchinson, a senior White House aide, worked in a West Wing office near the President’s Oval Office.


Hutchinson served as a top aide to President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and coordinated the president’s movements. 

Cassidy Hutchinson getting sworn in

“I know her… I don’t think she is lying”

Former Chief of Staff to President Trump, Mick Mulvaney, testified that he believes Hutchinson. 


“I know her,” Mulvaney said in a Tweet about Hutchinson. “I don’t think she is lying.”


Other staffers agreed.


“Anyone downplaying Cassidy Hutchinson’s role or her access in the West Wing either doesn’t understand how the Trump WH worked or is attempting to discredit her because they’re scared of how damning this testimony is,” said Sarah Matthews, who served as Deputy Press Secretary at the White House. Matthews was also Trump’s spokeswoman on the campaign.


Trump Lashes Out

Trump called Hutchinson a “total phony” online and claimed he barely knew her.


But Hutchinson was answering questions under oath. Meanwhile, Trump called her a liar online, not under oath. 


Trump’s claim that he did not know Hutchinson falls apart on further inspection. Her job required her to keep in touch with Congressmembers and top White House staffers every day. There is even a picture of Hutchinson on Air Force One with Trump and Republican members of Congress. 


What is more, Trump’s lashing out at Hutchinson mirrored previous statements he has made about people who tell the truth when he does not want it.


Hutchinson Withstands Criticism

In the wake of Hutchinson’s testimony, various Trump allies have come forward to attack her for speaking the truth. But they are not speaking under the penalty of perjury. Hutchinson is.


One of Hutchinson’s former colleagues pointed out the difference. 


“To anyone who would try to impugn her character, I’d be glad to put you in touch w/ @January6thCmte to appear UNDER OATH” Alyssa Farah Griffin, former Assistant to the President, posted on Twitter.


Griffin added that Hutchinson showed “courage” and “integrity” for speaking out.


When Trump resorted to false personal attacks, Hutchinson showed courage.

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